SeNsUaLiTy ToUcH

Un Toque de Sensualidad Te Hace Especial !!!!!!

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Forever … *** IMaGe Factory ***


Top …     -SU!- Tank Top Rolling
Cardigan …     [NV] Hooded Cardigan -Black-
Scarf …     [EY:NO] Scarf (Heart) black
Hair …     >TRUTH< Nora 2 –  dark blondes
Pants …     !Admiral Spicy! Loose Belted Mesh Pants ( Red)
Tennis …     IMaGE Factory Hi-Tops-PRIDE FUNDRISER  NeWw!!!

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Composure…. *** Excuse My French Hunt *** IMaGE ***


Hair *{ SeVered GarDeN }* Priska Hair
Tank Top -SU!- Lucky Girl Tank Top Black BOX
Armwarmers[M.o.w] Unisex Armwarmers -B&W – [Bag Wear]
Flip Flops … IMaGE Factory Mens Mesh Flip Flops SL Pride V.2 NeWw!!!
Pants … WEAR ME ::[BuFu]::Prod0.7 _Pant Baggy THUG GRAY – EFH NeWw!!!

The store :: [BuFu] :: has for you in the event Excuse My French Hunt this cute pants, go and find him this sensational, is the emblem of the Hunt inside the store to buy your pants