SeNsUaLiTy ToUcH

Un Toque de Sensualidad Te Hace Especial !!!!!!

DaNgErOuS DoLl……

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Top…  …:::Scrub:::… Take full hands 01

Hair…  :Exile:: Fade Into You: Natural Fusion

Skin…  [ Al Vulo! ] – [ Sally] – [ black Sunkissed ]

Panties…  [ SAKIDE ] Slide/Slide ’em off Panties FU Black

Tattoo…  dl: emo poem tattoo

Googgles…  dl:: Dirty Snow Googgles

Key…  dl:: Doll’s Rose Key (animated)

Holster…  dl:: Gun Holster total black

Bracelets…  dl:: Rock star bracelets

Belt…  dl:; Devilicius Belt

Knee…  dl:: Knee Guards

Nails…  dl:: Punk Perfect Hands (size 10)

Mask…  alterego} unisex mesh face mask – black

Socks…  YANAROXX Garter Socks Bundle  -9 different Colors!-

Boots… [Gos] Triumph Boots for Men – Worn [bagged]

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